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Is TKD usefull and good for a street fight ?

i would like to knoe if TKD is good for a street fight or defending yourself in prison against being bullied, etc etc...

i want to take a matial art so i can defend myself very good, and i was just wondering if TKD is usefull for these cases, (especially on the street and bullies in prison)...

please help

Is TKD usefull and good for a street fight ?
Wouldn't you rather avoid ever being in the same environment as bullies in prison?

You could start by not getting involved in street fights.

Just a thought.

TKD if well thought will give you good defensive skills, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've managed to spend the last 16 years without getting into a fight. Mainly, because I have a real job to go to in the morning. I can't be bothered with proving stuff to street punks. I have way better things to do, and so should you.

Take care.
Reply:What is TKD?
Reply:im a balck tag in tae kwon do and yes it does help, u larn alot about self defence and getting out of difficult grips that people can put you in, one of my instructors once broke someones jaw by doing a spinning kick that he learnt in class, the guy was in hospital for 3 days lol

Reply:learn to run very fast thats whats good for street fights and bullies in prison because nowadays people carry weapons and if you stand and fight you will most likely get stabbed or bashed in with some blunt object just run like forrest gump
Reply:Tae Kwon Do is an extremely effective martial art, but Judo or Jujitsu are better for defensive/counter-attack moves as they both use the movement of your opponent against themselves.
Reply:Yes any martial art is good for your own defense in street fights and etc, its up to the individual to have enough heart to fight the fight, and how well you apply your martial arts skills in a fight, it all depends on the individual, if your not good at what you do, you can know any martial art and get your butt kicked by a regular street fighter, and its also up to your mental toughness too.
Reply:I will tell you this before you make a BIG mistake. First off any type of martial arts or fight training turns your body into what they call in courts, A DEADLY WEAPON, If you are trained in any form of Martial arts and you use it on someone for any reasons other than self defense you have basically used a deadly weapon. I have a friend right now serving 15 years for attempted murder with a deadly weapon, he was trained in Martial arts someone tried to rob him and he took matters into his own hands, there was no witnesses to the ordeal so they did not take his word now even for self defense my boy has already served 6 years and has quite a few more to go. I would say just by asking questions like this you should find something else to do with your spare time.

Reply:I think you and many who have answered this question have the wrong end of the stick about martial arts.

Martial Arts is not just for the body and if you train with only that thought in mind then you will only experience a little of what Martial Arts has to offer

Martial Arts is also for the mind

A Calm Mind can overcome most situations

However if you are hell bent on learning a Martial Art then i would suggest 'Hapkido' as this not only trains you against normal attackers but also those attackers who like many now have trained in other Martial Arts

"Hapkido practitioners train to counter the techniques of other martial arts as well as common "unskilled" attacks"

so in answer to your question

is TKD usefull and good for a street fight ?

the answer is No if you happen to be on the receiving end of someone who has learned Hapkido
Reply:any form of martial art is useful in any fight

i went for shotokan years ago and it keeps me fit

but before you decide just bear in mind guns and knives have the edge on the streets so try to fight in the arena
Reply:TKD would be good if you were good at it which would take a long time, also if you were good at any martial art but was not of the frame or mind to use it with 100% ccommitment on an attacker it would be useless to you. ie would you be able to push your finger all of the way into somebodies eye or bite a piece of flesh of a person in a street fight? if not in prison you would lose anyway. the reality is that you want to hurt the other person more than and quicker than they can hurt you in order to end the fight.
Reply:Any martial art is only as good as the practitioner. I wouldn't recommend Tae kwon do, but if used properly it can be decent. If you are planning on going to prison, learning to keep quiet and be inconspicuous would probably be very helpful. For prison, I'd use an art with more hand techniques.

I sincerely hope you don't plan on doing something you could go to jail for.
Reply:Though I do not much like TKD.I think it's favourite is Muay Thai though it uses knees and elbows but its has a really little amounts of ground technics.So my choice for street fights and prison emergencies would be the MMA fighting styles.You can pick up any martial arts moves bit by bit and form an ultimate martial art of your own.You can pick a little from mercyless systema to judo takedowns to wrestling ground moves and many more.Good Luck, Train Hard.
Reply:If that's your only option in your area, then I say go for it. As an art in the United States, which is the only area I am entitled to speak about, Taekwon Do is a shadow of what it once was. The techniques have been watered down due to sport competition and the whole system is full of instructors who have no legitimate claim to their credentials because, nowadays, anyone can get a black belt in Taekwon Do.

Of course, the level of instruction you get is entirely dependent on your instructor. I know some TKD guys who are punks and wouldn't last five seconds in anything approaching a real fight, but I also know some TKD guys who could break my femur with a roundhouse kick. So it's all dependent on how "traditional" and "conventional" your instructor is.

You seem to want a more realistic approach to your martial arts, so you should ask the TKD instructor if his classes are geared more towards self-defense or toward sport competition. You should watch a class or two and see if that school is where you want to be.

But as a whole, I'd say that Taekwon Do is not the art you're looking for. You'd be better looking for a Krav Maga or Brazilian Jiujitsu class. You should also check with your local YMCA and police department to see if they offer any civilian self-defense courses.

Good luck.
Reply:My best advice to you (from experience) is this: Sure, TKD is better than nothing, but if you really want to be good with your hands, find a REAL boxing gym. The ring experience you gain hitting and getting hit will be 1000 times better than anything else you can do.

After you have a few fights in the ring under your belt, THEN you can study another martial art if you want, confident in your abililty to hit and take a hit.
Reply:like any other martial depends on what you learn at the school you decide to train at.....some TKD schools concentrate on flashy crap that has no practical use while others will teach self defense
Reply:It will help you against untrained fighters. It won't help you in prison. I don't know why you are planning to go to prison, but TKD won't help you there, fellow gang members will. Jiu-jitsu is the perfect art for self defense. You will learn to strike, grapple, kick and submit an opponent. Find a mixed martial arts school based on Jiu-jitsu.
Reply:I'm a blk belt in TKD and 7th ku in ninjutsu as well as a varsity wrestler.Now if you are training for a straight up fist fight TKD is a useful martial art as long as you get good at the kicks, now if you want to prepare yourself for a real confrontation that may involve weapons you should do ninjutsu. I know that alot of people say that ninjutsu and ninjas don't exist but if you look up kashiwa bujinkan ninjutsu dojo you will find that it is very real. It will train you how to defend against a variety of attacks as well as how to put down some serious punishment. It also gets you really fit.
Reply:yes but not much. try ju-jitsu it help you controle a fight to either heart someone or keep them from hurting you. anthing that focus mainly on self defense can help.
Reply:From most of the TKD I have seen, no.

Simply because that TKD is based mostly off kicks, and anything above a low kick is too dangerous.

First sports TKD is just about out of the question. It's based off a point-based sports competition. Don't even bother.

Ok, assuming you find a decent school not based on sports, you have to remember, even average thugs know how to do a bum rush tackle. Unless you happen to know at least the basics of groundfighting, I wouldn't bother kicking because of the weakened balance. Also, you have to remember, you're probably wearing heavy shoes outside. It feels considerably different than kicking barefoot on a soft mat.

And no matter what, you need good hand to hand strikes and especially defense. And a lot of TKDers I know don't really have much in that regard.
Reply:Some people believe that training in the martial arts will cause or acerbate violent or aggressive behavior. Most people have been exposed to the martial arts though martial art movies. Other than a few exceptions, such as Karate Kid and the Kung-fu television show, these depictions of the martial arts are always associated with violence. Recently, the popularity of televised unrestrained fighting tournaments has perpetuated this theme. While the martial art are based upon warlike, violent behavior, they also use ritualistic behaviors that seek to avoid or control violence and they train to make these behaviors a part of ones life.

Martial art masters claim that their arts reduce stress and violence in their practitioners, and thus, in the communities in which they live. These are lofty claims, but are they true? Are these claimed benefits any different from those that gained from other sports activities? What specific aspects of martial arts training bring about these changes? If these claims are true, then is martial arts training an effective means to treat people with violent tendencies?

Stress and Violence Reduction

A few studies have shown that a single session a high physical output activity, such as jogging, weight lifting, or a martial art may reduce tension, anxiety, depression, and anger-hostility in participants immediately after the activity. However, more research in this area is needed before any definite conclusions may be drawn about the short-term effects of martial arts training.

In contrast, there are many studies that have examined the long-term effects of martial arts training; most of which have shown positive psychosocial changes in participants. Many of the studies have assessed martial artists with different belt ranks or time of participation. In general, there appears to be an inverse relationship between belt rank or length of time practicing a martial art and anxiety, aggression, hostility, and neuroticism; but there appears to be a positive correlation with self-confidence, independence, self-reliance, and self-esteem. While these results seem encouraging, most of the studies did not account for students who had negative traits and dropped out of the activity and they did not use control groups. Some studies suggest that the style of martial art may be relevant; that certain martial arts might lead to changes more quickly than others might. These results are tempered by the results of some studies that found no effects of martial arts training on personality traits.

When amongst family members, you are forced to deal with family problems. When at work, you are forced to deal with work matters. When at Taekwondo class, you are forced to deal with Taekwondo training. You must deal with your family daily and you must deal with with your job practically every day, but you only deal with Taekwondo training two or three times a week. While training in Taekwondo, all your thoughts about your family problems and work problems are suppressed as you concentrate on your training. Therefore, during the time you are training, you are able to forget your cares and woes and the stress they cause. Not only are you able to reduce your stress while in class, the relaxation techniques you learn in class help you deal with stress more effectively while out of class.
Reply:look mate im sorry to be the one who tells u this but in my opinion tkd looks very impressive and is a great sport art. But in the street you would be better of using an art that is geared for street fighting like wing chun.(much more direct and is proven to work for self defence.)

Isn't wrestling the most important skill in a street fight? So you can pin em down and punch em repeatedly?

You always hear that brutal street fights are determined by who gets the first punch in. But from all the fights I have seen, the person who can pin the other person's arms to the ground and get on top of the other person and punch them in the face over and over and over wins. Because the other person usually cannot push the other person off of them. I have seen some brutal fights like that where the person just has free shots at the other person's face. Even worse, nobody breaks it up sometimes. You would think a person could get killed that way. Seems like most fights finish up on the ground.

Isn't wrestling the most important skill in a street fight? So you can pin em down and punch em repeatedly?
The two baddest fighters around Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell come from wrestling backgrounds. Both all-Americans in college. But you need more than just wrestling skills, but wrestlers who learn how to punch and apply submissions are the most dangerous not some martial artists that throw those wild kicks and punches that rarely ever connect, they are always the first to be taken down. Anything goes in street fighting though so watch out for weapons.
Reply:Use gun!!!
Reply:That's ground fighting though, not wrestling. They are really similar though.
Reply:No...I would go with some form of karate mainly because of the defense. blocking shots is key
Reply:I don't think so. I mean, a good martial artist that is skilled in evasion techniques would be able to get out of any wrestling hold and then proceed to do lots of damage when you are off balance from trying to make the hold
Reply:If you somehow ended up on the ground under an assailant, there are other techniques to use to get someone off of you besides wrestling. Pressure points and gouging certain areas can cause enough pain to make someone want to get off of you. That is a last resort since the goal is not to get into that kind of situation. If your arms are pinned, you can also use your legs if you're flexible enough. They would have a really hard time trying to pin all your limbs while still punching you, though.
Reply:Yes, wrestling will be the most important skill--so long as the other fighters are adhering to the NO-SWITCHBLADES rule.
Reply:You're partially correct. But in a real, no rules, no intervention street fight, the most important skill is defending against quick damage. Let me elaborate.

Yes, each fighter is going to go for first clean hit. Some skilled fighters will try to attack with kicks due to longer reach and greater leverage.

If you can control ground, that's an enormous advantage.

But what you don't factor in is weapons. Not knife / gun, but available on hand - a bottle, a pipe, a bat, a stick. If one fighter takes advantage of makeshift weapons on hand, all the rest of the skills becomes secondary to minimizing damage and disarming the armed fighter.

Just my limited experience.
Reply:Mi kick you real hard! Everybody was kung fu fighting! That ***** was fast as lightning!
Reply:In the few altercations I've been in I have decidedly won them. It wasn't because of pinning them, but because I totally disabled them. One incident I threw a chair at someone. I didn't do much damadge, but shook them up enough that they couldn't think straight and I was able to make quick work of an off balance opponent. The big trick is, who is crazier, more creative and can create more mayhem in said brawl, not who's the better wrestler.
Reply:Grappling.. is important.. ground fighting included. Wrestling is merely a part of it. A FREAKISHLY important part, but none the less it is not the complete package. now.. you come at his *** with Wrestling, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai.. then.. he will cry and beg for mercy.. while he gets out his weapon and prepares to slay you unless you practice like Krav Manga or the like that uses those arts to legitimately deal with weapons.

Reply:yeah yeah yeah. agree.

Any wrestler attempting to grab a good martial artist is likely to find themself on the receiving end of a two handed hammer fist to the back of the neck. Done right, this could end the fight.

Or a MA could use a joint lock to prevent the wrestler from doing much except calling for his mother.

Ground fighting is good, but there is a big differance between wrestling and ground fighting. Wrestling is a sport while ground fighting is often taught as both a sport and a defense (taking out eyes, biting, breaking joints).

And, interestingly enough, I spoke with a co-worker that does BJJ and Muay Thai. He said he was involved in a fight in which two guys started to fight and then when one was winning, another person joined in by kicking the winner in the head.

NEVER let a street fight get to the ground.
Reply:A street fight is way different than any other type of fighting. And that way is "anything goes". Eye gouging, groin attacks, knives, even guns. It's important to know when to walk away. For example, if you meet some dumb@$$ who's a "toughguy" and wants to pick a fight, he's probably with all his "homies" and they're all probably packin'. (It's always the toughguys who pack a gun or a knife). Walk away. As hard as it is, and despite what some believe, your life is worth more than your status. Use what you know as self-defense. And it is always good to learn some ground skills. Karate, Tae Kwan Do, okay whatever. If the fight ends up on the ground, what's all that chop-saki $#!+ gonna do then?

The fight goes to the ground. Get your fists; elbows; whatever you can in, look for an armbar; a kamora; break their f***ing arm. Walk away. Seem brutal? Not if they picked the fight. It's you or them.
Reply:street fights usually end up one the ground, therefore you should get into wrestling and bjj
Reply:Simple. End the fight quickly... if someone tries to spear you, open hand chop him in the neck or whack him in the eye with your thumb. That will put him up in a hurry. With a street fight you want to end it in a few seconds, rolling around on the ground with some stranger is never a good idea.
Reply:This is a very amusing thread. I love how majority of people claim they can easily get out of any hold or locks and how easy it is to evade shoot. Also some of technique on where to punch or apply pressure point are very questionable.

First of all wrestler are extremely strong. I have never meet any wrestler that are weak. So it is very unlikely someone who stand in horse stance and punch air everyday would be able to generate enough power or speed to deliver a punch that will knock or cause wrestler to goes of balance.

Wrestler are also extremely FAST! They can easily close gap and make your punching or kick uneffective. They're also dangerous in clinch. So it's not like most people can just evade them without effort.

Wrestler also close gap to make it even harder to evade shoot. Most people who don't train in some kind of realistic ground fighting martial arts (bjj, judo, etc...) wouldn't know how to sprawl at all. Also a good wrestler could easily knock a person out or knock air out of them big time with a good shoot.

Even if someone can "evade" the shoot then the wrestler can alway suplex, throw, or sweep the person.

Also if you're under a wrestler and getting your face pound in, it's not like you will really think and feel around for spot to apply pressure point. You will most likely be trying to cover your face. Your legs will be pretty useless if you're lay on your back with someone on top of you.

So all of you who think that a simple evade, pressure point, chop, or whatever other tricks you have up yoru sleeve STOP talking about how other style are so damn easy to beat! Those who have no fear are usually the one that get their *** kick the hardest because they're so fukking cocky and have absolutely no clue of what other people are capable of! So until all of you learn some ground fighting and spar for real with someone who wrestle, do mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, etc... you should keep your mouth shut and stay in your gym where you're safe!

To answer the question, yes wrestling is a extremely effective style if you know how to use it correctly and othe other person don't know how to fight on ground. However if the person know how to fight on ground, you better know what the hell you're doing otherwise you will have a cast for months.
Reply:Not exactly. Are there more than one attacker? If so, wrestling or ground fighting won't do crap. The second attacker is going to beat the snot out of you with kicks while his buddy has you pinned down. The real answer, and all true fighters and students of the fight game know, that you have to be sound in all aspects of the game: The standup, the takedowns, and the ground (including escapes). Usually, every day blokes are sound in only one part. When put into an uncomfortable scenario, they get the snot beat out of them. If you are sound in the standup i.e. boxing, muay thai, sakate, bo fu, etc., it pays to know how to defend the takedown or how to escape from the ground so that you can standup again and be in a position of your strength.

Get it? Train clean. Eat Clean. Good luck to you.

dress shoes

South Park characters - Who will win these street fights?

Tell me who you think would win between these South Park characters. Give a short reason after each choice. Please try to be civilized. To even be considered for Best Answer, you have to answer all items, and give a short reason for all choices. In other words, Earn Your Points.

Here are the rules: These are street fights. No weapons! No gloves. No home court advantage. The fight is over when the other fighter is knocked out, or says "I give" (or tries to say it).

1. Cartman vs Token

2. Stanley vs. Kyle

3. Kenny vs. Butters

4. Jimmy vs. Timmy

5. Mrs. Garrison vs. Mr. Mackey

6. Slave vs. Chef

This Question was inspired by Euripedes B. Thank you!

South Park characters - Who will win these street fights?
1. Token cause cartman is fat so he'll be too slow, plus one time kyle punched him and he cried like a baby

2. Stanley, i think he'll win cause he has a lot of practice fighting his sister shelly, he might not win against her but i think he would win against kyle

3. Kenny cause butters is a HUGE push over, i feel REALLY bad for him and he's very naive so kenny will probably trick him somehow

4. Jimmy cause he could beat timmy with his crutches

5. "mrs." garrison would kick mr mackey's butt cause he's like an angry ****** all the time, like the episode where him and the lesbos fought the persians, Mrs. garrison would totally win

6. Chef would win cause Slave likes being tied up and beaten so it's a win win situation
Reply:1) token because cartman's kind of a sissy, and probobly couldn't stand more than a few punches

2) kyle - he has a lot of pent up anger

3) butters -- kenny will die in a freak accident

4) timmy -- he has run over jimmy wht his wheelchair

5) mrs. garrison -- she will fight hard and fight dirty

6) chef -- CHEF IS AWESOME
Reply:token hes black

stan he aint a jew

kenny hes not gay

timmy i consider his wheel chair as a weapon

garrison she gets crazy in her moments

chef hes freakin dark vader

( not being racist just blending in with the south park theme )
Reply:1. Cartman: He'll kick Token in the nuts and that will be the end. I don't care who you are, one shot to the chones and you go down.

2. Stanley: He'd psych Kyle out with the old "...Hey look over there" move.

3. Butters: He is a ticking time bomb. Besides, Kenny always gets his but kicked and hen he dies.

4. Jimmy: Timmy can do much without his chair, and you said no weapons.

5. Mrs. Garrison: She is one wacky hermaphrodite. And she knows Kung Fu.

6. Chef: He is a bad MO FO.
Reply:1. Token~ because cartman will talk his way out of a fight.

2. Kyle~ because he has a bad temper.

3. Kenny~ because he isn't afraid to die.

4. Timmy~ because he has the advantage to stand over Jimmy and wail on him.

5. Mrs. Garrison~ because he'll fight for what he believes in.

6. Chef~ because Slave will just want to screw.
Reply:1: Token, because after all those years of predijice against him from cartman, this is a perfect chance to teah him lesson by some shodow boxing, besides, fat people cant fight for dick, after 5 seconds of movment, the lactic acid takes over them completly.

2. Stan, because kyles pussy morals would come out, then out of the blue get soccer puncheds and get knocked out cold.

3. Kenny, because what does he have to loose. Butter drinks his own pee.

4. Jimmy, he can surve behind timmys chair and break his neck with his critches, not a fair fight by the way.

5. mr. Garrison may be a gaggit, but he would own macky in seconds.

6. Chef, beacuse he knows if he looses, we will no longer be black but a ****** also.
Reply:Cartman because he once threw a rock at Token and he got hurt badly.

Kyle because he mostly fight all the time with Cartman and Stan he never likes to fight.

Kenny because Butters is a wimp and Kenny is not a wimp.

Timmy because Jimmy has to force is body to hit him and Timmy he doesn't need to force his body.

Mrs.Garrison because she has good fighting skills and she likes to fight dirty.

Chef because he is fat and he has more strenghth than Slave.

Who would win in a street fight?

a technical fighter like a boxer or someone in kickboxing etc.

or a street fight who just throws punches like crazy

Who would win in a street fight?
The question of a boxer vs a kickboxer has been answered. Although a kickboxer has more weapons, the boxer would win through sheer punching power. Now that has probably changed with the advent of mma, as a mixed martial artist would probably prevail.

Now a trained fighter is always going to win over an amateur who just swings for the fences.

Pick a fight with Chuck Liddel and see what happens!
Reply:A boxer
Reply:A technical fighter. They know how to best use their strength and energy in a fight.
Reply:The one with the baseball bat.
Reply:Street fighter, because they are unpredictable fighters

You don't know where it's coming from next.
Reply:boxer when your standing up, jiu jitsu and a few elbows here and there when on the ground
Reply:Kickboxing kicks *** always.
Reply:a boxer for sure. they're trained to anticipate their opponents moves and counter. a street fighter just goes in, balls out, and hopes for the best.
Reply:bruce lee said a trained boxer is the fighter he most admired.
Reply:I think that the street would win over the cul-de-sac all the time
Reply:street moves.////

Would a Judoka be able to properly defend himself in a street fight ?

Would someone that has around 3 years of experience in Judo be able to properly defend himself in a street fight agaisnt a normal average guy.

Judo really doesn't seem agressive, so would a judoka be able to use only judo moves to attack his opponent. Would Judokas still use their fists in a street fight, or would they stick only to judo moves.

BASICALLY, what I'm asking is,... is learning Judo going to give you a significant edge in a street fight.

Would a Judoka be able to properly defend himself in a street fight ?
Does a bear crap in the woods? : P
Reply:surely. but i would suggest jujitsu. works 4 street fights or if u r in the CIA! ;)
Reply:Judo like all martial arts has it’s place. Can someone defend themselves with Judo? Yes! But the main focus shouldn’t be on what style a person is using but rather the person him/herself! If you have the warrior spirit meaning the willingness to close and finish the fight and the skill to do so then the majority of the time you’ll come out victorious. Still there are always the variables that will plague you such as: what if the guy on the streets is shirtless and you have only been working on gripping the jacket on the GI then how will you fare? Judo is a sport and should be treated as such although you may be able to defend yourself utilizing it you’d do a lot better practicing in a martial art design for self defence.
Reply:Of course it will.

The techniques being taught will be useful in any aggression situation. I am not advocating street fights in any way and I think you should stay out of them if you can (and 99.9 percent of the time, you can), but yes, judo will help you if you're ever in one.

I knew a woman who was a black belt in judo (second dan or so, I'm not quite sure). She was 5'6", not a big person. She owned a business and one day, a much larger man tried to rob her with a knife. Next thing the guy knew, he was on the floor, is arm was twisted at the joints, he had dropped the knife and he was in horrible pain, begging her to let him go.

That black belt would take you more than 10 years to acquire with diligent study, but you get the idea. The technique are definitely effective.

I suggest you take it.

There's nothing glamorous or honorable about winning a lot of street fights, though ;)
Reply:Naturally, look at Mr. Mike Swain

he could woop ya while he is trying to direct you in the proper way to act in public.

Champion, and much more.
Reply:absolutely. streetfight almost always end up in grappling after 2 to 3 punches. and if this happens, the judo guy will have the advantage if he recovers himself immediately.

i've seen many streetfights and they it always go this way: the attacker swings 1 or 2 punches, even a kick sometimes , but this being a streetfight the defender can run around coz there are no rings or cage. another punch might bring them closer in a clinch. judo guy wins!

i haven't seen a streetfight where a guy was beaten with a combination of more than 4 consecutive punches. there has to be a clinch at some point.
Reply:Absolutely. In street fights, most likely the opponent will have clothes on, which will simulate a gi. And most street fights almost always end up in some sort of clinch. The average street fighter just doesn't have that sort of training to defend a well executed technique. It could even be something as rudimentary as a Ouchi Gari or Osoto Gari. You also have to realize they won't know how to properly fall, so the impact of the technique would be very painful.

Oh and don't forget about all the submissions and chokes available once you get the fight to the ground.
Reply:I wouldnt favor a throwing or grappling art strictly for self defence.

possibilities like concealed weapons or 'friends' are all to real in an unavoidable serious street fight.

i would prefer a striking art like kung fu or mua thai.

i would love to learn ju-jitsu at some point. im planning to take it up once i feel proficient in kung fu, if only to be able to hold my own in that 'field'.

at the end of the day any *serious* training is valuable. even if its only for the mind set.
Reply:You would have the same chance as a wrestler or boxer.

Judo teaches self-defense tactics through its kata in the upper dan (black belt) ranks.

Three years really isn't a long time in Judo. That is probably an orange or green belt level.

I need to learn to street fight.?

Can anyone help me learn to street fight quick? like give me some moves? or websites? thanks .

I need to learn to street fight.?
Fighting is like everything else man. It takes practice. Go to a boxingg gym and watch people. Punch the bag around. Get stronger and quicker.
Reply:street fighting really is more brains than brawn, use what is there, use every advantage, and get it over with fast.
Reply:Palm to the nose... With all your might! Get the whole body including the hips into it. It won't push it into the brain like every one says. It will cause such a bad nose bleed that the lack of blood to the eyes will cause blindness for up to 5 minutes. All you need is 10 seconds to pummel away at your leisure.

i almost forget... If no one is looking and you kick him in the balls. its his word against yours.

And if he takes you to the ground... don't be afraid to push (DONT JAB,) a thumb into his eyes. It will distract him long enough to get your fist into the opposite eyes.

Don't bring a knife. Over half of all stab victims are stabbed with their own blade. And that's coward stuff.

A street fight is bad. Avoid them, they end in hospital visits. That said, fight for your life. Fight dirty. Fight like you're scared, you will be.
Reply:if its street fighting.. u dont learn... u just do it.. brutally... no rules.... go crazy

free style... b a beast....thats y its street fightin
Reply:it sounds like you're getting into a fight. go pick yourself up a copy of the 3 stooges
Reply:OK your not going to master this in 5 min. but this will help. first bring a weapon but ONLY use it if someone draws theirs. second use the environment helps allot. also build Musial brains are important but you'll need Musial to back them up. and that's only the basics.
Reply:Like you will suddenly learn how to fight after read a couple of items.

Even if we all get together to write a book on every possible stragery, tactic, counter, and details, in the end you'll still resort to throwing bunches of haymakers, windmill punch, and other wild punches along with some biting, scratching, hair pulling, and oil checking.
Reply:Judo is a good style. It doesn't involve much strength either. I learned how to trip my opponant and put him in a submission pretty easily. I haven't mastered anything but it sure did help. Plus, you look pretty badass when you're doing it.
Reply:Check out Bas Rutten's self defense videos. You can watch them free on youtube.
Reply:get offa you ****

go to class

train for black and pass

the trail is hard it would seem

but you wont get it from an lcd screen

hey i'm no poet

now everyone knowit
Reply:Someone else said take a weapon, bad idea. If you are not very skilled with that weapon someone will take it from you and hurt you bad or kill you.

Go down to the hood and get your azz kicked, you will learn or die trying. Just kiddin. There is no fast way to learn self defence. Do not put yourself in a situation where you will be in a fight. Go to a self defence school or martial arts school that teaches self defence, not sport like some art out there are.
Reply:Krav Maga - I bought a set of instructional DVD's off the ebay quick effective and only ever watched once; hope this helps
Reply:bench press cars for three years and then overdose on steroids

then you should be ready, test yourself on a squirrel.
Reply:try beating up the biggest thug in town, if you win, he will teach you all the moves he knows, which if you succeed, won't be very many

Who would win in a street fight ,Chuck Noris, Bruce Lee,or Ken Shamrock?

A street fight with no rules or time limits.

Who would win in a street fight ,Chuck Noris, Bruce Lee,or Ken Shamrock?
Chuck Norris would win with a kick to the face to all at the same time!
Reply:chuck norris... he never loses.
Reply:Bruce Lee. No question.
Reply:I think Ken Shamrock. It was demonstrated in the UFC and another tournaments that the close combat and much important the floor struggling (I don't know the exact name), it's essential and decisive in a one to one combat. Jet Kune Do I think has very little of this techniques and Karate too. The wrestlers, judo men and jiu jitsu fighters can stand a couple of hits until achieving his goal, reach close combat and make a press, throw you to the floor and struggle until they make you an unbreakable grip or something. Then you're lost.
Reply:Maybe Ken if he Clinches? Because he knew some Shoot Fighting! But Bruce lee was trained by grappling by Gene Lebell! CHUCK NORIS WOULDN'T EVEN LAST WITH KEN SHAMROCK! So Bruce Lee would win!
Reply:Street fight: eye jabbing, low kicks, biting, strikes to the throat, small joint and digit manipulation, possibly objects in the surroundings that can be used as weapons, ripping ears, clawing with hands that get shoved in to uncooked rice.................... Come on, bring all the cowboy boots and steroids you want to that fight and speed is still king.

Real Fight: Bruce

Point Fight: Chuck

Reply:Bruce Lee by far... he trained Chuck Norris in Jeet Kune Do for some time. Bruce Lee used to train on a 300 pound punching back and was able to kick it to the ceiling. He could explode 100 lbs punching bags with a side kick. The amount of physical training that Bruce Lee put himself through was incredible. He was clocked at 1/200th of a second to throw a punch. He was small, quick, and hit harder than hell. I think it was no contest. And for anyone wanting to say that he would get schooled on the ground- he studied all forms of martial art- pick up the Tao of Jeet Kune Do sometime and read it. Bruce Lee revolutionized how people should study martial art. "Take what you can learn and forget the rest." The formless form. Chuck Norris was too stiff and formulated, Ken Shamrock is just another MMA "movie star" for fanboys. I gave up on UFC after about the third one. Can you say WWF?? Where was Junkyard Dog during all of this?? I would have loved to see Bruce Lee in the UFC/MMA. Then some of the people could shut up on here about it and realize he was a martial artist BEFORE a movie star in all facets. *pant pant* K... enough of that. hahaha
Reply:shamrock. Shamrock is more well rounded. mixed martial artists are the most well rounded fighters in the world. shamrock would take down norris and lee and use his wrestling and submissions against them.
Reply:C'mon.....Bruce Lee is dead. SO if he is able to fight then he must be undead or divinely risen. Either way I am choosing the man that has the power to return from the dead.
Reply:Dude, Bruce Lee would win even if Shamrock and Norris teamed up. Don't forget that he is so fast normal cameras can't see his hands, and don't forget the two inch punch that could send a guy across a room!
Reply:this one is easy, if bruce lee were alive; of course bruce lee; norris or shamrock have never been in a street fight; they know how to fight when there is a ref; bruce lee used to fight in the streets of HK for his life and reputation; there are accounts of him getting challenged daily even when he was making his movies in HK. these fights had no protective gear, or a mat to fight on, or even a ref to stop the fight.
Reply:Bruce Lee is the greatest Martial Artist of all time.

He is the only fighter ever that no one can match.

Sorry your dead, Bruce.
Reply:Some of you are so stupid. Shamrock would have no problem beating both of them at once. Bruce Lee admited that Muhammed Ali would beat the breaks off of him. Shamrock, on the other hand, could submit Ali in less than 30 sec. Punk Norris wouldn't even show up. He would get killed....literally!
Reply:Chuck Norris.
Reply:Whoever shoots first.
Reply:on the street there are no rules, and you're fighting on cement,so grappling on the ground is stupid: not only will you shred your skin off, but there's no ref to stop your opponent from biting, eye gouging, or choking while grappling. To me this rules out ken shamrock. Which brings it down to Norris and Lee, though I admire Norris for his skills he is neither as fast or as skilled as Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee has demonstrated multiple times kicking a 200 lb sandbag over 6 feet, with a kck that tok ess than a second to perform. Lee threw kicks (stronger than any punch) faster than any fighters threw their punches. It would beone kick for Shamrock,and maybe 2 for Norris.
Reply:Bruce Lee no doubt about it
Reply:Bruce lee would win.

Here are some cool bruce lee facts.

- Lee could spring a 235lb opponent 15 feet away with a 1 inch punch.

- Lee'sunstopppable punch is truely unstoppable, even with several steps back.

- Lee's striking speed from three feet with his hands down by his side reached five hundredths of a second.

- Lee's combat movements were at times too fast to be captured on film at 24fps, so many scenes were shot in 32fps to put Lee in slow motion.

- Lee could snatch a dime off a person's open palm before they could close it, and leave a penny behind.

- Lee could throw grains of rice up into the air and then catch them in mid-flight using chopsticks.

- From a standing position, Lee could hold a 125lb barbell straight out.

- Lee could break wooden boards six inches thick.

- Lee performed a side kick while training with James Coburn and broke a 150-pound punching bag.

- Lee could cause a 300-lb bag to fly towards and thump the ceiling with a kick.

He died not because of a silat master or by his wife like many people say.

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