Monday, November 16, 2009

Would you fight shirtless in a bare-fist street fight?

Assuming you had time to choose, i.e., it's a planned, agreed fight and you are not simply jumped, would you get ready by stripping to the waist, keep your shirt on, or wait to see what your opponent chose to do? And, most importantly, why? (Give your reasons if you are looking for the 10 points!)

Would you fight shirtless in a bare-fist street fight?
To all you idiots who would rather leave your shirt on than safer yourself the moment of inflicting a very unexpected *** beating! You guys are complete ******* idiots and most likely don't know how to fight!

viciousvince2001 Take your shirt off and make sure you fight him in something you are comfortable in, like maybe some gym shorts. You want to be as comfortable as you can possibly be in a street fight, leaving your shirt on will not only expose you to worse situations but it simply makes your fight that much more difficult. Why do you think boxers do not wear them???? It's common ******* sense that it is a big NO NO!!!

Who cares what your opponent does, if he leaves his on then that is his problem and you had best take advantage of his self delusional mistake. It is a street fight so there is most likely no rules.

Make sure your shoes are on tight as you will be needing to catch leverage when placing your feet for a punch and with lose shoes it isn't good. Plus make sure you stretch before you go heads up with this cat.

Make sure you have no jewelry on or wrist watches and such take it all of. Pretend you are in a boxing match and it is a fight of pride and dignity, you must not show intimidation. Stay confident and let him talk his trash just don't listen.

When you fight this guy remember to utilize his body with punches don't forget the body!!!! Most people tend to forget that the body is a bigger factor in fights than the head. Too many headhunters don't realize that one good punch to the body is forever far better than one good punch to the head. Destroy his body then react when he is hurt to the head.

Give him a jab to the face and quickly react with a shot to the body, keep doing that through out your fight just to keep him at bay plus you will most likely hurt him if you use it accurately and not so much. I know this is a street fight but in all respect for all types of fighting methods, boxing is the best for a street fight.

I once knocked the **** out of some dude that claimed he was an MMA master, we fought in a street fight that was held at a local park. The dude tried so obviously to take me down by rushing me to grab my waist lol, I side stepped his *** and laid him out with one upper cut that not only gave him a black eye but I literally left him with a headache that he said lasted for 2 days lol.

Just remember don't let him intimidate you. Intimidation plays a big role in fighting because your inner core systems don't function as well when all your thinking about is whether you are going to survive or not! Mentally stay focused and pick your punches dance around and don't let him take you to the ground where things can really get gay lol

Good luck and if you need any more points hit me up via email.
Reply:I would fight my father because he is a horrible deuschebag that tries to control and manipulate people and taunts and beats people when they are weaker than him. He is a coward I would throughly enjoy another oppurtunity to punch him in the face.

Sorry, I thought this sad WHO would you fight.....

I would keep my shirt on if it was tight but if it was loose or heavy i would take it off.
Reply:i would keep my shirt on, and here's why. if they grab your shirt, you can get out of it and get some space between you and him. plus, while busy with your shirt, you can take a swing and go for a takedown to beat him on the ground. i'm a small guy and i need every advantage i can get. i'm 24 and only 5'2". i've used this tactic before and it has never failed me. just don't wear a favorite shirt, wear a second favorite shirt.
Reply:I would keep my shrt on, to avoid some scratches, but if I wanted to intimidate, I would definitely take it off. and all jewelry.
Reply:If it's a very good shirt and you can have someone hold it for you.

I had dozens of streetfights or what we just called brawls back then and I generally always kept my shirt on.

One reason is if I decide to depart half way through the fight I don't want to leave my shirt behind, or any evidence of me for the authorities.

From a fighting point of view tehncially it frees you up more but realistically being big and other guy being big it never slowed me down. If it got grabbed it would just be torn off us very easily. Sometimes they would still be on me other times they would be rags hanging by a few threads.

I never bothered taking it off first since I felt silly doing it I guess.:)
Reply:keep it on.

if you are shirtless then oponent can see your weak points such as ribs. wear shirt that is a bit baggy so its so hard for him to getta good aim for bodyblows(think what if he had a knife). when the opponent grabs your shirt, pull yourself back away from him and quickly punch or elbow him in temple. he is beating your shirt but you are beating his brain.

good luck
Reply:Yes. I've pulled my shirt off every time there has been time. I've seen to many shirts pulled up over the head and then you take a beating just like in hockey.
Reply:i would take it off because then if he or she gets you by the shirt, they can put it over your head and then bomb on you

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